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Graphic Inventions in Iberian-American Illustration

Featuring curatorial design by award-winning Brazilian illustrator and artist Fernando Vilela, this exhibition of Catálogo Ibero-América Ilustra award winners is being held in Brazil for the first time. This annual publishing project was designed in 2010 by Fundação SM in collaborative partnership with FIL Guadalajara as an initiative that has involved more than 300 artists, thus highlighting Iberian-American book illustrators’ talents. “These wordless narratives – sometimes dreamy, enigmatic, ironic or reflective – point to experimental paths, showing that powerful Iberian-American illustration is an important aspect of contemporary art,” Vilela argues.


From the nine Catálogo award events held to date, the curator has selected 40 pieces created by 12 illustrators from nine countries, thus emphasizing that despite the eclecticism of this group, their art works engage in dialogue among themselves as part of the graphic invention concept. “The illustrations in this exhibition eschew any naturalistically biased representation to assume flat two-dimensional surfaces using overlays and juxtapositions while combining media such as collage, engraving, painting and drawing with the aid of digital techniques,” Vilela adds.


The following artists are featured at the show: Ixchel Estrada, Mexico (2011); Joan Negrescolor, Spain (2013 ); María Luque, Argentina (2013); Roger Ycaza_Ecuador (2014); Manuel Marsol, Spain (2014); Marta Madureira, Portugal (2015); Laerte Silvino, Brazil (2015); Amanda_Mijangos, Mexico (2016); Matías Acosta, Uruguay (2017); Catalina Carvajal, Colombia (2018); Sol Undurraga, Chile (2018); and Juan Bernabeu, Spain (2018).


In the curator’s view, the artist is the writer of their own narrative sequences that amount to a game with proprietary rules and a flat support on which it becomes an operations table. “They define a particular graphic world: illustrators are like film directors choosing points of view for scenes and their frames, like sculptors modeling the bodies of actors, costume designers creating costumes for characters’ costumes, set and light designers defining their environments, and photographers picking their landscapes,” he ponders.


Announcement of the 10th Catalogue award winners


 Also for the first time in Brazil, Catálogo Ibero-América Ilustra 2019 award winners will be announced at Instituto Tomie Ohtake.

Date: July 18, at 7:00 pm - “Iberian-American Illustration” – a roundtable with curator Fernando Vilela and guest illustrators (admission free of charge).


About Catálogo Ibero-América Ilustra    

This year's Catálogo Ibero-América Ilustra commemorates its 10th edition. Having begun in Mexico, it now covers Iberian-America to attract the region's most respected illustrators and young talents. Publishing the Catalogue helps to heighten visibility and development of Iberian-American illustrators of books for children and youths, while also providing a reference and source for publishing professionals.

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