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Karin Lambrecht / Projeto “Nossas Artistas” (Our Artists Project)
Opening: November 22, 2018, 8pm.
Until February 10, 2019


With Karin Lambrecht, Instituto Tomie Ohtake continues the series of individual shows dedicated to women that made and make up Brazilian art history, with the project “Our Artists”. The initiative began in 2016 with Leda Catunda’s “I love you baby”, winner of the Prêmio Bravo for best individual exhibition of the year. Now, the program features the work of the painter from Rio Grande do Sul, who was also part of the 80’s generation.


Curated by Paulo Miyada, the exhibition brings together works from different periods of the artist’s career: from drawings from the beginning of the 1990s to more recent paintings, which conform the majority of the show. “This is an opportunity to gradually dive into the visual and reflective universe of a unique artist, whose oeuvre offers a dense alternative to the consumerism frenzy around disposable images that marks our present times”, says the curator.


The artist’s canvases suggest a specific interest in transcendental, in spiritual and in religious aspects from a color palette that aims to listen to the nature of the language of materials. In addition to paint, other pictorial substances occupy the surface of her paintings, such as gold, honey, tarp, beeswax, dirt, graphite, linen, pigment and pastel. According to Miyada, the simple expansion of resources beyond the trivial “oil on canvas ” wouldn’t be worthy of notice if not for the clarity and the scruple that each matter plays in the pictorial field. “Even when the materials used by the artist are not evident, it is always possible to distinguish which signs, textures, colors, and shapes correspond to different features, manipulated with gestures that are fit for their hardness, weight and malleability. The principle of accumulating these materials isn’t one of undifferentiated mixture, but of articulating organs in a visual organism”.


The exhibition intentionally forms a path. The first group of works is formed by 7 paintings created between 1990 and 2013, under very delicate lights. In the following setting, visitors encounter a sort of clearing, as a wide nave that leads to a semi-circular background, where the lighting is designed to radiate from the 17 suspended paintings, conceived between 1990 and 2018. “In the vertex between the desire of knowing and the need for believing, someone imagines a silent clearing”, writes Miyada.


In the final section of the show, after traversing a voile curtain, spectators come across a clear and white environment filled with the artist’s notebooks, drawings and small paintings; a series of themes, words and symbols reflect the intimate scale of our contact with the works.

“Karin Lambrecht’s paintings, drawings and notebooks aim at being a bond and a passage. They are inherent presences, that is, materialities that are inserted in the possible and shareable experiences. They are supersensitive evocations, a calling to contemplating invisible aspects of human existence”, the curator concludes.


Karin Lambrecht (1957, Porto Alegre. Lives and works in Porto Alegre), graduated in drawing and printmaking from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, moving thereafter to Germany, where he formation as a painter was most significant. Upon her return to Brazil, she was part of the activities of the Espaço N.O., founded by artists Ana Torrano and Vera Chaves Barcellos; she participated in the seminal exhibition “Como vai você, Geração 80?” (How are you, Generation 80s?, at Parque Lage, 1984) and dedicated her production to realizing a painting that blurs the limits between collage, sculpture and performance. With a sentimental and spiritual character, her production deals with spirituality, life and death, and employs text and language in a symbolic manner.

Exposição:  Karin Lambrecht / Projeto “Nossas Artistas” (Our Artists Project)

Opening: November 22, 8pm

Until February 10, 2019 – Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 8pm. Free.

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