Av.Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 201, Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
OPEN HOUSE - Tomie Ohtake’s atelier-home

13th april to july

Since 2014, Instituto Tomie Ohtake has dedicated this exhibition room to shows about the artist that lent it its name. The goal is to always have an opportunity available for the new audiences to come in contact with the artist’s work and, at the same time, to offer those who are already familiar with Ohtake new approaches regarding her story and her production.

Each long-term exhibition that occupies this room addresses a different aspect in Tomie Ohtake’s work – and there are so many of them. Throughout her 60-plus years working, Tomie guaranteed that her oeuvre would constantly surprise spectators, fellow artists, critics and herself. Committed to experimenting with colors, gestures and materials, she broadly studied shapes and traversed through countless creative processes, never settling down.

In its previous exhibits, this room has emphasized the chromatic boldness in a series of lithographs, shown projects and sketches for her paintings, narrated the realization and repercussion of her most important public works that mark the city of São Paulo, and pursued new ways of using texts to think about the circular aspect of many of her paintings. Now, the desire for addressing the place where she elaborated her ideas and executed a large part of her works has emerged, presenting Tomie Ohtake’s atelier-home.

Now protected as cultural heritage by Conpresp – a municipal organ responsible for preserving historical, cultural and environmental heritage – the house located in Campo Belo, in the South of São Paulo, was inhabited by Tomie Ohtake since 1970, when the first stage of the construction was concluded, until the artist’s death in 2015. Open House is an essay about the importance of this residence, which was, at once, hospitable home, creative space and fuitful meeting point. Historical and current photographs are presented, as well as prints and paintings from the artist’s collection, sketches of the house designed by Ruy Ohtake and the unpublished recording of a visit to the property with the architect. Please, make yourself at home.