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Ruy Ohtake : Design of form

A panorama of Ruy Ohtake’s work, from his graduation up until current designs, can be seen in Instituto Tomie Ohtake, in the exhibition “Ruy Ohtake: O design da forma” (Ruy Ohtake: Design of form), which presents his production as a designer through 25 pieces chosen by curators Fábio Magalhães, Marili Brandão and Priscyla Gomes. Simultaneously, the Museu da Casa Brasileira presents another exhibition, curated by Agnaldo Farias, which shows around 40 architecture designs that have already been built or that are under construction. Both shows aim at analyzing two moments (architecture and design) that outline the unique initiatives and researches to which the architect dedicated himself with formal ingenuity and risk-taking. The last exhibition to explore his work took place at FAU-USP in 2008, celebrating the school’s 60 anniversary.


At Instituto Tomie Ohtake, we present furniture pieces, objects and workmanship materials created by Ohtake. According to Priscyla Gomes, the multifaceted architect is an expert in defining with precious drawings projects in the urban scale as well as the most subtle details, marked by a long and meticulous investigation about how one can simultaneously design furniture and edification. In his architecture projects he also designs elements such as tables, shelfs, couches, buffets, and stairs, all using concrete. “For many years now the architect has been working under a unique modus operandi, with architecture and design integrated in the same body”, says Fábio Magalhães.


From 1995 onwards, he shifted his knowledge to the industry. He created pieces in the most diverse materials: porcelain tiles, wood, steel, glass, innovative resistant porcelain and silver. To present these pieces in Instituto Tomie Ohtake is to carefully unfold his interest in materials and their behaviors, limits, as well as his deep understanding of the production stages.


In addition to the original design pieces, the show also presents drawings, volumetric scale models, videos and interviews with the architect. To Priscyla Gomes, the selected elements reiterate the connections in his constructive mindset – in which cuts and folds end up defining structural aspects of his design. “The architect’s contemporaneity is aligned with an avant-garde outlook, in which being ahead means to freely decide new creative parameters”, she adds. 



Workshop with Ruy Ohtake / Other possibilities of wood in design

As part of the exhibition, Ruy Ohtake will conduct a workshop aimed at college students attending design courses, in which he will explore the different possibilities of using wood to produce objects. The workshop will take place at the Oficina Lab, a school, co-working and exchange place for makers in every area, located at Barra Funda. Students must attend all three days of the workshop, according to the following dates:

Target audience: Design students
Openings: 15
Venue: Oficina Lab – Rua Dr. Ribeiro de Almeida, 166 – Barra Funda
Hours: from 2pm to 6pm
Dates: March 23rd (inaugural class with Ruy Ohtake), from 2pm to 6pm; March 30th, (project development with the Oficina Lab staff), from 9am to 6pm; April 6 (completion of the designs and talk with Ruy Ohtake), from 9am to 6pm.

Applications via e-mail: participacao@institutotomieohtake.org.br (until March 1st)
*The list of accepted applicants will be published after March 15

Applicants must provide the following information in the application e-mail: 

Personal information:

- Full name

- Phone number

- E-mail address

- Address

- Date of Birth

Other required documents: 

- Document proving the applicant is enrolled in a college-level design course (registration document or official declaration from the school)

- Portfolio in PDF format, with up to 3 pages, presenting design exercises or images of finalized and executed designs (up to 5 MB)


Book launch: “O Design da forma

Date: March 26, 7pm talk with Ruy Ohtake.

Essays by curators Fábio Magalhães, Marili Brandão, and a photographic essay by Ruy Teixeira

Editora Olhares, 200 pages. Price: R$95,00